Dry Aging Process

Country Valley Food Service

Our Dry aging chamber at Country Valley foods holds approximately 500 pieces of bone in and boneless primal beef cuts. All our primal cuts are selected from cattle under 30 months with a level of fat cover and marbling that is suitable for the dry aging process.

How the process works

The aging process begins as enzymes begin to break down the collagen within the muscles. Over the course of the first 21 days the steak will lose 10-15% of its original weight as moisture is removed by tightly controlled humidity and temperature. The meat also takes on a darker colour on the outside because of this exposure.

At around 30 days the steak will have developed a deeper flavour to that of fresh beef and the collagen in the muscle will have been broken down. Meat that is then further aged beyond 30 days will begin to grow a white mould on the outside and the meat will begin to develop a “buttery” flavour which as time goes on then moves to a “blue cheese” flavour often described as “funk”.

We can also dry age pork and lamb to meet specific customer requirements.